Excerpt from Blavatsky’s Letter to Aunt Fadeyeva – “Residents of the Ancient City of Akkad Came from Armenia”

Excerpt from Blavatsky's Letter to Aunt Fadeyeva“If there were people in Judea who were ruled by Solomon, David, and Saul, then why has not one ancient coin with an inscription in Hebrew – that is, a Jewish coin – has been found, although several Samaritan coins have already been discovered?

How could the Jews who hated the Samaritans agree to use the coins of their enemies and not stamp their own money?

Archaeologists again and again find coins that have laid in the earth for thousands of years; burial grounds of people who lived before Moses are open, and there is evidence to support their existence.

But there is nothing left after Jewish people. No graves, no coins – nothing. You would think that all traces of their existence simply evaporated, disappeared as if by magic. Only the Sacred Books (the God of these Sacred Books was killed by the Jews themselves) remained, in which humanity must blindly believe.

However, from such events as the exodus from Egypt, almost three million people would have surely left some traces, at least in the form of inscriptions on tombstones and graves or ancient manuscripts. But no trace was found – dead silence!

Nowhere is there a hint, not the slightest proof! Incredible! And the scriptures themselves – where is the historical evidence confirming their existence 200 or even 150 years before the birth of Jesus?

Hebrew, or the language we usually call Hebrew, never really existed; it is a language that does not have a single ancestor language and is composed of elements of Greek, Arabic, and Chaldean origin.

I managed to prove it to Professor Rawson from Yale University. Take any word of the Hebrew language, and I will prove that it comes from Arabic, Greek, or Chaldean.

Hebrew is reminiscent of multi-colored pieces of a harlequin costume. All biblical names consist of foreign roots: their structure speaks for itself. This is an Arabic-Ethiopian dialect mixed with Chaldean; Chaldean language is rooted in Sanskrit.

It has already been proven that Babylonia had been once inhabited by Brahmins and had a Sanskrit school. Our Assyriologists recognize that residents of the ancient city of Akkad (according to Rawlinson) came there, in all likelihood, from Armenia, having taught the Mages a spiritual language, which was something like a sacred language. In other words, these were the very Aryans, whose language is also related to the origin of our Slavic language.

As an example (sorry for deviating from the topic), I want to cite the lines from the Rigveda – “Dyaurvah pita prithvi mata somo bhrata-ditih svasa” – and their translation: “Heaven is your father; the earth is your mother; Soma is your brother; Aditi is your sister.”

That is why it is ridiculous to demand people to believe that the Hebrew manuscripts are ancient revelations or the Word of God.

God would never have written or dictated anything that would allow the earth He created, humanity, science, and so on to accuse Him of lying. To unconditionally believe in the Hebrew Scriptures and, at the same time, in the heavenly father of Jesus is an absurdity; worse, it is a blasphemy.

If the Father of Heaven and Earth, the Father of the entire infinite Universe really had to write something, He would have never allowed his book to contain contradictions, often completely meaningless, giving people the reason to blame Him.

The Bible Correction Society revealed 64.900 errors in it, and after they were all corrected, the Bible still contained as many other contradictions. All this was done by Jewish Masoretes.

Yes, the most educated rabbis have lost the secret of their books and do not know how to correct them. It is no secret that Jews from Tiberius constantly made amendments to their Bibles, changing words and numbers, taking advantage of the advice of the Founding Fathers of the Christian Church, and accusing them during every discussion of a bad inclination to falsify the content of texts and their chronology in order to get the better of their opponents.

As a result, they only confused everything, since the most ancient of the found manuscripts of the Old Testament date back to the 10th century. Of these, the Bodleian Codex is considered the earliest. But who can guarantee its accuracy? In his history textbook, Tischendorf claimed (and he managed to convince all of Europe to believe it) that he had found the so-called “Sinai Code” in Sinai.

But, in fact, two other researchers… who had lived in Palestine near Mount Sinai for several years are now ready to prove that such a “Code” has never even existed in the library. For two years, they conducted various studies: together with the monk who had lived in this country for 60 years and knew Tischendorf, they visited all the nooks of this land.

And this monk swore that he had studied every manuscript, every book for many years and that knew all of them. But he had never heard of the Code mentioned above. It is clear that this monk will be forced to disappear. And as for Tischendorf, the Russian government simply misled him by utter lies. Of the 260 Old Testament and New Testament manuscripts in Hebrew, Greek, and other languages, you will not find two that are identical. Isn’t that amazing?

The books of Moses were lost, and for several centuries, no one could find them. However, in 600 BC, Ezekiel unexpectedly found them. But the temple of Solomon was destroyed and his people were driven out of the city… And again, all the Books of Moses disappeared.

In 425 BC, Ezra by memory restored 40 books in 40 days (!). And again, they were lost. In 150 BC, Antiochus Epiphanes burnt them all, after which they were miraculously discovered again. All this is nothing more than a legend not supported by any historical fact. And then there is the famous Masorah.

With the help of the Masoretes, the name “Jehovah” was changed to “Adonis” and then to “Adonai” – with the same ease, using their cunning tricks, they could call their god not Adonai, but say, Ivan Petrovich. At the same time, their Kabbalah and Onkelos, the most famous Rabbi of Babylonia, taught that Jehovah was not God but Nemro – a word that means “Logos” (“word”).

After analyzing the word “Iodhevau”, we easily establish that it refers to Adam and Eve, since Jehovah is the first Adam (not the second), the lord of the universe. Not the earthly Adam mentioned in the Bible, but the first and highest Elohim that combined male and female qualities. Adam Kadmon was created, who was an amazing bisexual creature whose name consists of the letters of the name “Iod” and the three letters of the name “Eve”.

So we see that Jehovah is only the personification of sinful humanity. But enough of all these Jewish fables!”

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The famous esoteric writer, the idol of many researchers of hidden spiritual and historical knowledge, Elena Petrovna Blavatsky  Photo by conceptual.rf

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