Gabriel Kazanjian, Inventor of the handheld hair dryer

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Gabriel Kazanjian is an inventor who introduced the world to the handheld hair dryer. In the 1900s ladies used to dry their hair in beauty salons with huge standing devices. There was a need for a home-use hair dryer that would be small and easy to use.

In 1911, Gabriel Kazanjian, a resident of Chicago, patented a self-managed handheld hair dryer that could be used at home.

The dryer went many modifications between 1911 and 1920. Finally, the handheld hair dryer was launched in the market in 1920.

Although the hairdryer was received well by the public, it did not produce enough power to dry hair completely.

It worked on the same principle as the modern hairdryer with heat, through the special fan, the heated air was forced out of the device.

by Mano Chil

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