Garegin Nzhdeh – Be Merciless But Not Cruel on the Battlefield

Garegin Nzhdeh – Be Merciless

“Warrior! Die a glorious death so that your native land does not feel shame, accepting your body. The best decoration for a brave man is a wound received on the battlefield. Cowards die on the battlefield from a random, “blind” bullet.

Victories are won not by quantity but by quality. Attack without asking about the strength of the enemies. The winner is the one who set the goal to win, win at all costs. A warrior fleeing the battlefield flees from his nation and homeland.

On the battlefield, be merciless but not cruel.

Be proud… Do not grovel, do not humiliate yourself, and do not deceive to extend your existence… To lie means to scold the truth, to deny means to cease to be a person.

Be free… There is no difference between a conscious slave and a criminal. Bow your head only to the ideal, be a free captive of only your ideal.

Be unconditional… This is how my prophecy says its biblical word and how my soul openly reveals its wings to the captives of the fire covenants…

One who is craven is a scarecrow that can only scare away sparrows but not vultures. To be cowardly, to be a coward, and at the same time to dream of an independent homeland – isn’t it ridiculous?! Isn’t it ridiculous to be a sheep and complain about a wolf?

You became a sheep, so do not be surprised at the arrival of the wolf. Peace and independence belong to the courageous, for ‘the courageous go the path of God.’

An independent Fatherland as a promised land is given to us only if we gain courage in battles in deserts.

Courageous is the one who killed in himself the animal trembling for its life and can disarm danger and death by laughing in their faces.

Courageous is the one who chose the almighty Spirit as a companion.

Courageous is the one who is able to fully express the raging sea of strength in himself.

Courageous is the one who has studied himself, who laughs at the superiority of numbers, material, weapons, as well as sciences, and recognizes the one and only spiritual art – the readiness to die if necessary, as the sun dies. The art of courage that bears in itself its reward, the inner joy of confidence in victory and the external success of the victory itself.

Patriotism always triumphs if courage is its ally.”

Garegin Nzhdeh

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