Garegin Nzhdeh in Boston – Speech Before The Armenian Community

Garegin Nzhdeh in Boston

“Today, difficult times have come for our people, times of difficult trials far from our native land. We are far from our land only physically, but our thoughts and souls are saturated with holy Armenian land which is heated with holy Armenian blood. And today, your hearts are filled with bitterness and disappointment – this disappointment is the main enemy.

We must suppress our disappointment and bitterness, we must become even stronger, we must become the sword which will execute our fair judgment. From small to large, we must kill our fear in order to get on our feet. An Armenian has no right to be weak, an Armenian has no right to be depressed, an Armenian has no right to forget about his native land.

The education of the Armenian spirit is the craft of our fathers and mothers – today, we are obliged to continue this craft here. Hundreds of nations lost themselves, remained on the threshold of history, but the willpower of the Armenian people, the will to live and the will to fight made us immortal.

Are you proud of it? The struggle of the Armenian people is eternal, for our people are eternal. Today, we moved our struggle here, we are here, and here, we will begin a new struggle. Will we win? There can be no doubt.

But we must become one, we must think in Armenian, we must speak Armenian, we must remember, honor, and keep the great pages written by our ancestors. We must work, we must study, we must develop in the name of our great struggle, not a day without struggle.

The great minds of our people should give you the philosophy and image of Armenian thought. This is the image of the bearer of great history and culture, this is the image of a warrior for whom there is only one holy place – the land of his ancestors. All the great deeds of our people are committed as a result of the sworn unions of his sons.

Today, each of you must take an oath of allegiance to the Armenian people, an oath to fight, an oath to protect your people, an oath to return the holy Armenian lands. An Armenian who has not sworn allegiance to the people is a powerless being, a cowardly and useless being. To educate the spirit of the Armenian family is our goal. This education should come from deep love and devotion to Armenian values.”

“time to analyze” – politics, society, and ideas.

Garegin Nzhdeh in Boston

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