Grigor Artsruni: “An Armenian Has No Love…”

Public love is alien to Armenians. Perhaps no nation on earth has such a propensity for emigration, separation from each other, and flight from each other as the Armenians.

The Armenian believes that it is better to live happily in a foreign country than to share all his sufferings and joys with his blood relatives among his own people.

This has always been the weakness of the Armenians and the reason for the decline of Armenia as a political entity.

The Armenian, finally, has no love for the Fatherland. He flees his Fatherland at the first unpleasant incident and only then, from afar, begins to sing hypocritical and tasteless songs about love for the Fatherland…

Grigor Artsruni

Source: Harutyun Harutyunyan

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