Harry Tatosian, inventor of ice-cream the cone-rolling machine

Harry Tatosian has long been looking for an appropriate professional. He has been a tailor, gardener, and navvy.

After years of hard work due to his entrepreneurial mind and aspiration, in 1920, he engineered a device for rolling ice cream sugar cones. The patent office had some doubts and only approved the patent in

1926. Tatosian immediately took a loan and organized a public demonstration for the device. As a result, he got huge success and several orders.

In the 1930s he founded the “Sugar shell” company and later the famous “Old London Foods” company.

During his life, Tatossian patented more than 20 inventions, mainly in the sphere of kitchen appliances, among which the bread slicer.

Tatosian was also a philanthropist. He has built a church [building] in Jordan, assigned scholarships to Armenian students studying in Europe, and supported the reconstruction of the “Saint Vartan” Cathedral in New York.

by Mano Chil

P.S. Wikipedia has information about Harry Tatosian in Russian, but not in Armenian or English.

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