I Believe in the Greatness of the Armenian Spirit – Garegin Nzhdeh

I Believe in the Greatness

“I believe in the greatness of the Armenian spirit. And my faith is not epic – it is the result of extensive life experience. I saw and recognized the Armenians in battles. Saw and enjoyed the beauty of Aryan thinking.

An Armenian always does feats and heroism when his leaders are able to create a collective heart.

Such a deed of the heart was the heroic battle of Avarair, and in our time, the battle of Karakilisa.

When – suppose in the style of our Progenitor – the “small land” of Armenia finds and feels within itself the strength to rebel against the mighty Sassanid state, then all sorts of ordinary foresight and concepts lose their meaning.

Was Avarair a venture? No, no, do not allow animadversion against the spirit. And do not look for empty words because you will not be able to determine this.

The mission of the Armenian spirit is to repeat these simple words and be content with them with reverent awe. There exist great achievements of the spirit whose meaning cannot be clarified by any word or phrase.

One of such great accomplishments of the mighty Armenian spirit was Avarair.”

Garegin Nzhdeh

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