“I Feel Like I’m an Honorary Armenian”: Serena Williams Starts Learning Armenian

World-renowned American tennis player Serena Williams, the wife of Reddit co-founder, ethnic Armenian Alexis Ohanian, says she has started learning Armenian, Armenpress reports citing tennisworldusa.org.

The tennis player said she is learning Armenian a little bit every day. “Well, not every day, that’s not true. I’m learning a little bit as time goes on. Yesterday Alexis was talking about how Armenians are, the culture, lots of self-made, a lot of business people.

They have this aspect. It’s fun. It’s interesting. As I said, I feel like I’m an honorary Armenian because of my husband and daughter”, she said.

“Everyone that I see that is Armenian is super proud of me. It’s like, Wow, this is kind of cool. It’s always good to learn about new and different cultures”, she added.

Source: armedia.am

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