If the Genocide Does Not Receive an Assessment, Humanity Will Disappear from the Face of the Earth – Gourgen Yanikian

If the Genocide Does Not Receive

In his memoirs “Purpose and Truth”, Gourgen Yanikian writes:

“For three days, I have not left the house. For three days, I have been looking for a way out. All these three days, before my eyes were scenes from my 78-year-old life. And among them invariably was the returning vision — blood fountaining from the cut neck of the brother…

So, my decision is final. An unexpected step to attract attention, which will give me the opportunity to speak and demand, which should awake my dormant people…

Blood. Blood. I have always been against blood. Believed that the word is stronger than blood. But life has proven that I was deeply mistaken. The lessons of life told me that only with blood can you draw the attention of humanity. The vision even told me whose blood it should be.

Who exterminated my people, who trampled all shrines, justice, every right? The barbarous Turkish government. That’s who I have to declare war on in the name of the return of our just rights.

I do not speak on behalf of any party, trend, or group. I will act like an Armenian who is tired of waiting, was deceived by many promises, and can no longer be silent.

I will appeal to individual Armenians like me, urging them to continue the war I declared on the Turkish government. I have no doubt that there will be many in our nation who are ready to sacrifice their lives, if necessary…

And I was convinced that if the issue of our Genocide does not receive an assessment, humanity will disappear from the face of the earth…”

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