Inventor Emik Avakian, is a role model for human endurance

Emik Avakian Is an author of numerous patents including a self-operating robotic wheel that converts manual wheelchairs into automatic.

He is a role model for human endurance and unlimited abilities. Being born with a diagnosis of severe cerebral palsy, Avakian was awarded unique cognitive abilities.

He graduated with honors from Eureka College in Physics and Mathematics. He subsequently earned a master’s degree from Columbia University in New York City.

As a student, Avakian had trouble communicating with his friends who were writing down lecture notes for him.

To overcome many of the difficulties he experienced in life, Avakian created a series of inventions that cardinally changed the lives of disabled people.

Among his inventions were the breath-operated computer, a vehicle loading system that makes it easier to put wheelchairs in cars, the self-propelled robotic wheel for converting manual wheelchairs to automatic, the stored function calculator, etc…

His contribution was so extraordinary that in 1961 Avakian was honored by President Kennedy for the “Most Outstanding Contribution to Employment of the Handicapped.” In 1979, Avakian was also granted the “Eminent Engineer Award” by the “Tau Beta Pi” engineer association.

In 1996, Eureka College presented him with an “honorary Doctorate Award” for his personification of the ideals valued by the college.

Avakian’s inventions were twice featured in “LIFE” Magazine.

Taken from: Mano Chil

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