Kevork Chavush, Heroes of Armenia

One of the leaders of the Armenian national movement. Kevork Chavush (Kevork Chavush Chaush, Sarhat) was born in 1870 in the village of Mktink, in the province of Bsank. He studied at the school of the monastery of St. Karapet (Mush). His father was a famous hunter.

He gave his son to the monastery of Arakelots, he wanted to make a monk out of him. In the late 1880s, after studying for four years, Kevork Chavush left the monastery and went to work in Aleppo to purchase weapons.

A few weeks later, upon his return to Sasun, he joined one of the first Haiduk groups – the Arabo detachment, and after the latter’s death, he transferred to the Akhbyur Serob detachment. In one of the battles, he killed the most influential Chaush of the Sultan, for which he received the nickname “Kevork Chavush”.

In subsequent years, he collaborated with M. Tamatyan and Metsn Murad (A. Poyadzhyan). He took part in the self-defense of Sasun in 1891-1894, especially distinguished himself in the battles near Talvorik (1893), was arrested by the Turkish authorities, imprisoned in Bitlis, and then in the Mush prison.

In 1896 he escaped from prison and took refuge in Sasun. He established contacts with the Haiduk groups of Gurgen and Hrayr Dzhoghk. After the assassination of Aghbiur Serob (in 1899), Kevork Chavush tracked down and liquidated the traitors who poisoned Aghbiur Serob.

In 1900 – 1901, the Kevork Chavush group fought successfully against Turkish punishers; the operations of the group (Berdak battle, Norshen battle) occupied a prominent place in the history of the Armenian Haiduk movement.

Kevork Chavush took a leading part in the battle near the Arakelots monastery (November 1901), in the Sasun self-defense of 1904 (he commanded the southern sector of defense). After the defeat of self-defense, he moved to Van, then returned to Taron.

In 1905, Kevork Chavush’s group fought with Turkish troops near Hars, Alvarinj. In 1906-1907 he acted together with R. Ter-Minasyan.

Kevork Chavush advocated the creation of an Armenian-Kurdish alliance against Turkish rule. In battles against the Turkish enslavers, he showed resourcefulness, personal courage, and the ability of a military leader. Thanks to these qualities, he almost always won a victory over the enemy.

Kevork Chavush died on May 27, 1907, during the Battle of Sulukh. Buried in Mush. Kevork Chavush enjoyed great fame as one of the most prominent heroes of the national liberation struggle of the Armenian people.

By Alexander Bakulin

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