Kristapor Ivanyan – The Father of Armenian Artillery

Kristapor Ivanyan – The Father of Armenian ArtilleryConquering the village of Ivanyan (formerly Khojalu) from where the terrorist Azerbaijani army was bombarding Armenian settlements became one of the main goals of the Armenian army at the time.

After liberation, Khojalu was renamed Ivanyan in honor of the legendary military, “the father of Armenian artillery”, a Lieutenant General of the Soviet Army, and simply the Great Man Kristapor Ivanyan whose spiritual call had brought him to Armenia from Saint Petersburg shortly after the outbreak of the Nagorno-Karabakh War. Ivanyan played a key role in the victory of Armenia in the war.

The school of the skillful Armenian artillery was established by Ivanyan. He managed to take part in the opening of an artillery academy that was named in his honor. He died in 1999.

Today, people calmly live in the Ivanyan village. The population is mainly occupied by agriculture, and the government of Artsakh allocates plots to farmers.


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