Lenin Knew Who Kemal Was – We Are Fools – Rafael Ishkhanyan

Lenin Knew Who Kemal Was

We need to be fair – for 300 years, Russian leaders told us: “Armenians, we will not protect you in your disputes with Muslims,” and they proved this in reality. But we are still obsessively hoping that Russia will finally take our side against our Muslim neighbors.

And all these 300 years, we have been telling the Russians that Muslims are bad and they are enemies to them and that we, Armenians, are good and that they should protect us.

Many books and articles were written by Armenians in order to convince the Russians to protect us. Always to no avail. The Russian state is very sophisticated and understands its interests well. And it’s not us, statesmen who have lost state thinking, who should be teaching them.

“Kemal deceived Lenin”, “Azerbaijanis bribed the Kremlin”, “they don’t protect us because the wives or members of the Politburo’s members are Tatars or Turks.” Such immature thoughts are developed by many Armenians.

No, my dears, Lenin knew very well who Kemal was, and from the point of view of the interests of his country, he unambiguously pursued the correct policy, supporting Kemal in every way in everything. It was us who were fools when we did not find a common language with Kemal and lost Kars in 1920.

And don’t worry, the Azerbaijanis did not bribe the Kremlin. The Kremlin has its own political line, and naturally, this line does not protect the Armenians. And it’s a great folly to connect the Tatar or Turkish origin of the wives and relatives of members of the Politburo with the Kremlin’s unwillingness to take our side.

This has been going on for 300 years. Why do you think the Russians should go over to our side? Why? What kind of nonsense is this?

Excerpt from the book of Rafael Ishkhanyan “The Law of the Exclusion of the Third Force”

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