Medieval architect Oton Matsaetsi In “Global History”

In “Global History” professor of architecture Mark Jarzombek mentions medieval architect Oton Matsaetsi (Odo of Metz in Germany) who was Armenian.

Matsaetsi was the architect of Germigny-des-Pres (806-811), one of the most innovative stone structures in northern Europe.

He was also the architect of Charlemagne’s Palace Church in Aachen in 794. The church’s architecture influenced a number of other contemporary church styles.

The architect responsible, Odo of Metz, is named in a tenth-century inscription around the dome: Insignem hanc dignitatis aulam Karolus caesar Magnus institute; egregious Odo magister explevit, Metensi fotus in urbe quiescit.

(Keghart) from Mano Chil

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