Mikael Melik-Ohanjanyan – Hero Of Sardarapat

Mikael Melik-Ohanjanyan was from a well-known Syunik princely family. He was the brother of outstanding Armenian philologist, Armenologist, orientalist, and translator Karapet Melik-Ohanjanyan.

When WWI began, Mikael was studying in Moscow. As a tsarist officer, he would participate in the war.  After the Bolshevik revolution, he returned to Armenia and as a platoon commander participated in the Battle of Sardarapat, showing outstanding valor on the front line.

Subsequently, Mikael Melik-Ohanjanyan became a military comrade of Garegin Nzhdeh in Syunik.

After the Sovietization of Armenia, Melik-Ohanjanyan switched to civilian activities. But in 1936, he was arrested and shot on the standard charges of “anti-Sovietism.” His brother Karapet Melik-Ohanjanyan who years later was able to return from Siberian exile to Armenia would also become a victim of Stalinist repressions.


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