Mkho Shahen, the figure of the Armenian agga-liberation movement, fiday

Mkho Shahen (Mkhitar Seferyan, 1866, Derkevank, Mushi province, Bitlis vilayet, Ottoman Empire – 1903, Poti, Kutaisi province, Russian Empire), the figure of the Armenian agga-liberation movement, fiday. Member of the Hnchakian Party.

From 1884, he attended the classes of Kristapor Mikayelyan’s revolutionary group in Tiflis. In 1887 organized a Hayduk group in Tergevank.

Worked with Professor Margar, Arabo. Since then, he has been arrested and locked up in the prisons of Akiya and Aleppo.

Escaping, he went to Cyprus and then to Cilicia, where he led Chok Marzvan’s self-defense in 1896.

He was imprisoned again and transferred to Aleppo. After his release, he went to the Caucasus. Killed by the Reorganized Honhakyans.

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