Nikolay Ghorghanyan – Organizer of the Karakilisa Self-Defense – Killed by Bolsheviks in Prison

“The 98th anniversary of the February Revolution is approaching. The Armenian European Party presents a documentary by Aida Nersisyan – a favorite TV anchor of the Armenian State Television – about famous Armenian soldiers hacked to death by the Bolsheviks on February 17-18, 1921, in the Yerevan prison.”

Ruben Shukhyan, 2015

Nikolay Adamovich Ghorghanyan was born on June 15, 1878. He studied at the Mikhailovsky College, then in the Voronezh Cadet Corps, and finally at the Nikolaevsky College in Kiev. He successfully graduated from cavalry school. Upon completion of his study in 1899, he was sent to the 49th Dragoon Regiment.

He was granted the rank of a lieutenant in 1903 and the rank of a captain and the position of the commander of the 6th squadron in 1905. Captain Ghorghanyan served in the corps headquarters.

In 1907, the 49th Dragoon Regiment was renamed the 19th Dragoon Regiment. In December 1905, Nikolai Adamovich was awarded the Orders of St. Stanislav 3rd degree and St. Anna 3rd degree for his service.

During his subsequent service in Tiflis, Ghorghanyan participated in the battles on the Caucasian front, became the commander of a cavalry regiment, and then commanded the 1st Armenian Cavalry Brigade. In 1918, he became one of the organizers of the self-defense of Karakilisa (Vanadzor).

After the establishment of Soviet power in Armenia, he was arrested in February 1921 and then killed in prison by the Bolsheviks.


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