Prince Semyon Semyonovich Abamelek-Lazarev, a Russian millionaire of Armenian origin

Prince Semyon Semyonovich Abamelek-Lazarev (also Abamelik-Lazaryan) was a Russian millionaire of Armenian origin noted for his contributions to archaeology and geology.

His father Prince Simeon Abamelik was a Major General of the Russian army and an amateur painter. He married his first cousin Elizaveta Lazareva, the last of her family and the heiress to an enormous fortune.

She was the granddaughter of Manuc Bei and the grand-niece of Count Ivan Lazarev (a court banker to Catherine the Great).

Prince Semyon inherited her steel mills in the Urals, her surname, and the right to manage the Lazarev Institute of Oriental Languages.

Armenian Concise Encyclopedia

Taken from Mano Chil

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