Sarkis Stepanyan – Heroes of Armenia

Sarkis Stepanyan – Heroes of Armenia

Sarkis Stepanyan is a veteran of the Artsakh war. A few years ago, on the days of the aggravation of the situation at the frontline and the newly launched hostilities, Stepanyan received serious injuries in a mine explosion. He was injured while carrying a wounded comrade through a minefield while repulsing sabotage operations. He lost both legs and one arm.

Sarkis was able to overcome depression and psychological problems and now lives a full life. He continues to serve in the Armed Forces of Armenia (with the rank of major), was awarded the medal “For Courage”, and is involved in sports. He is a Paralympic champion in arm wrestling.

An example for everyone, this person has the heart of a lion. Many in his situation “would have gotten lost in themselves,” and the most emotionally unstable people, in general, would have gone into the other world. But Sarkis shows that the main thing in such situations is not to lose heart.


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