Shahan Natalie: “Diaspora”

Scattered around the world, the diaspora, no matter what we write or how hard we try, is doomed to death.

To put an end to pointless arguments, let’s clarify: our statement does not deny the importance of the efforts being made, but rather emphasizes their futility.

We are gradually beginning to understand that all our efforts are in vain, that teaching the Armenian language to an Armenian child born in France, America, or even in Syria, who does not draw strength and memory from the stone and soil of the Homeland, does not necessarily make him an Armenian in the political sense of the word.

An American Armenian, an Armenian to the bone, involved in and living with national issues, a member of the Dashnaktsutyun, and the father of a 24-year-old son with a higher education, shares his story: “I poured my soul, all my pain into raising my son as an Armenian, taught him Armenian, did everything to make him grow up a patriot. I often talked about my dream:

– Gevorg, when we go to Armenia… and then

– I have nothing to do there, – he interrupted me once, not letting me finish the sentence. – I am an American.” I thought long and hard with tears in my eyes, wondering if I could persuade him to go to Armenia, how…, and finally, whether my demand was fair. My son wants to be a hundred percent American, to be equal to them; he thinks that the time he spent learning Armenian could have been used more beneficially for himself. Now he has completely stopped speaking and reading Armenian, showing interest in the life of Armenians. And he does this quite consciously.”

This is the reality, whether we like it or not.

This is how we will fade day by day until we cease to exist as a people. In France a little earlier, in Syria a little later, but the result will be the same.

What’s the difference between America and Turkey?

America doesn’t need a scimitar; it has many other ways. And we have already become accustomed, reconciled to our death, comforting ourselves with its “peaceful” outcome.

Let’s not forget: we have reconciled ourselves to death.

Shahan Natalie. Excerpt from the book “The Turks and Us”.

Translation from Russian by Artatsolum

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