Sos Sargsyan – “What Has Become Of Our Culture?”

“I tell myself that I am already old and my time has passed, but my soul is being torn apart. Who does our television educate? What are we doing with our children? Why should we look at naked women? What’s the use of it? What is all this for? This is embarrassingly shameful.

Do your parents behave like these people on TV? Do your parents talk like these people? We had a sense of taste, had a culture, what happened to it? Does the government really not think about what the new generation is turning into? That is why we do not have an elite.

I am against censorship, but we need to take this very seriously. This all happens not only on television but also in the parliament, in the army, everywhere… We don’t need all this. Where are we going?

They say that this is demanded by society. So what, we should turn into what we are shown? If the society demands it, then let the intelligentsia say their word. Our intelligentsia is weak if it cannot convey its words to society. It is weak if it cannot raise the level of consciousness of the society.

My years and my age give me the right to appeal to our people and say: ‘Armenians, stop and come to your senses. We are not those people who could allow themselves such things. You cannot distance yourself from your roots.’”

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