The Anniversary of the Birthday of Zoravar Andranik

The Anniversary of the Birthday of Zoravar AndranikAndranik was an amazing person. While he was still alive, his story became a legend, as it happened with Garibaldi, to whom Andranik was so similar.

Anyone who spoke of him, be it an intellectual, a soldier, a revolutionary, or just an ordinary person, always looked for different ways to express their attitude towards him. More warm and heartfelt ways.

For all the layers of our people, Andranik became the indisputable and bright way, which, like the sun, gave light to the souls suffering for freedom and justice.

Andranik was not only a warrior of the revolution but also the embodiment of the rebellion of the entire Armenian people, the terrifying cry of the downtrodden and trampled land of Armenia.

The movements of his arms were wide and domineering. The look was direct and captivating, the speech was relaxed and always imperative, the voice was authoritative and carelessly powerful contrary to its enchanting sweetness.

He was a true man by his way of life, by participation in feasts, by the simplicity of his soul. But in it, there was absolutely no mercantile spirit inherent to the peasant class, especially when it comes to flattering servility and patient spirit.

He laughed a wonderful childish laugh but fell into unprecedented rage like the thunderous Aramazd.

In his decisions, he was bold and in his acts courageous.

Andranik is the very idol that was forged, molded, and tempered by the people in accordance with their age-old aspirations, demands of the soul, hunger for the ideal, justice, and law.

Listening to him, people felt that this inimitable person covered all the Armenians with his chest in the way that the hen covers their chicks.

Arshaluis Zurabyan

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