The Unknown Aspects of Gabriel Sundukyan’s Talent

The Unknown Aspects

When Gabriel Sundukyan was exiled to Derbent, he did not give up and didn’t remain idle. Instead, he designed this beautiful church in the place of a small chapel at an Armenian cemetery.

The Church of the Holy Savior in Derbent is protected by UNESCO. And we thought that Gabriel Sundukyan was exclusively a master of a pen.

Sukias Torosyan

Gabriel Sundukyan (July 11, 1825, Tiflis – March 29, 1912) was an Armenian writer and playwright, as well as one of the founders of critical realism in Armenian literature. He was born in Tiflis into a wealthy merchant family.

In 1846-1850, he studied at the Oriental Department of the Faculty of History and Philology of St. Petersburg University. He received a degree in oriental languages and was appointed an interpreter in the office of the Caucasian governor-general.

In 1850-1853, Sundukyan worked as a translator at the office of the governor of the Caucasus, then as head of the economic department of the Caucasus Road Administration in Tiflis.

In 1853, Sundukyan for his progressive views was dismissed from service and exiled to Derbent.

In 1858, Sundukyan returned to Tiflis. All his life, he was in public service, rising to the civil rank of Active State Councillor (equal to Major-General in the Russian Empire’s Army and Rear Admiral in the Navy).

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