The Youngest Chef in France with a Star is Armenian

21-year-old Julia Sefejyan became the youngest French chef with a Michelin star. If a restaurant has a rating of one star “Michelin,” it is a very serious reward.

Armenian Julia Sefejyan was born in Nice, France, and works in a Paris restaurant Fables de la Fontaine. In early February, the critics of Michelin retained the star of the restaurant, and this is an undeniable recognition of the skill of the chef, ira-news writes.

“I was very happy to learn about it. The restaurant owner came up to me with a bouquet and said that I am the youngest chef in France with a star. I burst into tears, I was very excited, because when I became a chef, I changed the prices, made them more democratic, and was afraid that it will not work,” Sefejyan said.


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