Tigran Kelekyan – Why The Writer Was Killed

Tigran Kelekyan

It seems to me that one of the reasons for the defeat of Armenians in the history of 1915 lies in conservative thinking. Deep thinking with the promise of creation and culture but still associated with the faith of coming to the world in earnest and for a long time, as shown by their historical experience.

This is precisely the reason for the elimination of prominent Armenians by the Ittihadists, with whom they had been in the same political bloc in 1908. And also the reason for the death of 1.5 million.

Many leaders of the Armenian liberation movement were in prison, fighting against Abdul Hamid along with their tomorrow’s enemies.

Vardkes and Grigor Zohrab realized this, but such people as the famous writer Tigran Kelekyan did not. He was an ardent supporter of the “Unity and Progress” party.

The Turks killed him for this belief. “Such was his reward for serving the Ittihadists,” writes Sheikh Fayez el-Huseyn in his memoirs on the Armenian Genocide.

Was there any point in killing Armenians who shared the political creed of the Young Turks?

As we can see, there was.

Whoever killed people like Kelekyan knew that this was a misunderstanding – animals and the Armenian intellect cannot be in one bunch. The animal knows the stranger, identifying him by his markers.

Christianity in many ways broke the connection between man and nature, the connection provided by ancient pagan cults.

I have told this once and I want to repeat it again that intelligence for the sake of intellect, art for the sake of art is meaningless if national security does not become a priority. The fact that women from wealthy families who haven’t walked on their own even an hour were also deported is the beginning of grave wax and bronze.

A viable culture and mentality should be lean, agile, and able to understand the situation every minute and change, change, change.

Valeria Olyunina

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