Two Questions – Garegin Nzhdeh

Two Questions – Garegin Nzhdeh

Young Armenians are knocking on our door because only in our ranks can they get an answer to two questions that do not give them a peace of mind: “Will the Turk remain unpunished?” and “Will he be forgiven our Calvary?”.

No, no, we did not forget the cynical phrase of Talaat – “The destination of deportation is non-existence.” From this day on, our hostility towards the Turks is more than justified. On this day, it transformed into hatred – akin to Giordano Bruno’s hatred for Jewry.

They are Turks – Turks have deserved extermination even before their birth!

Young people are looking for us, for they know that retribution is an acute physiological and psychological need for nations seeking a rebirth. They know that without the divine act of retribution, whole generations would have been mentally flawed and unhealthy – the greatest threat to the existence of nations.

Young people are pouring into our ranks, dreaming of conquering Armenian lands because we are waiting for a court of revenge and believe that a new Armenian storm will rush out of our sufferings. New Armenian heroes, avengers-titans, and generals armed with deadly knowledge will be born in the storm’s hearth.

We expect that the Armenian Superhuman will appear and incinerate the sword and bayonet in the hands of a Turk that had brought death to the Armenians, plunging him into horror. Inhuman horror – it must become an everyday punishment for the tribe that is giving birth to Talaats. This horror must make a Turk his own executioner and victim at the same time.

Young people are looking for us and our Tricolor, for they want the young lion to be a symbol of Armenian courage embodied by Dashnaktsutyun, while the allegory of Turkish courage today is a wolf.

With trepidation, they kiss the creative hand of Dashnaktsutyun and the Tricolor, for we have long ago made Admiral Magu’s words our motto: “It is useless to strike the enemy in the heel, you have to strike them in the heart.”

So, they are knocking on our doors everywhere because by cultivating young souls, we are laying seeds for the future, and we are full of hope that tomorrow, our young generation will be able to repeat the words of the ancient Thracians to the enemies of their Nation: “To live free and die with honor, we have youth, a heart, and iron.”

G. Nzhdeh “Nation is our support”

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