Varoujan Voskanian’s “The Book of Whispers”: A Literary Bridge Between Cultures

Varoujan Voskanian, a prominent figure in Romanian literature and the Armenian community, has made significant contributions as the vice-president of the Writers’ Union of Romania and chairman of the Armenian Union of Romania. His acclaimed work, “The Book of Whispers,” has garnered international attention and sparked dialogue on historical events concerning the Armenians.

“The Book of Whispers” and Its Impact 

Published in 2009, “The Book of Whispers” is a poignant narrative that weaves the tragic history of the Armenian people with the personal stories of survivors and their descendants. The book has received numerous accolades and has been translated into seven languages, reflecting its universal appeal and the importance of its message.

Controversy and Recognition 

The publication of “The Book of Whispers” was met with protest from Turkey, which claimed that the book offended the feelings of Turks. Despite this, the novel’s literary merit and its role in shedding light on the Armenian Genocide have been widely recognized.

Romania’s Historical Connection with Armenians 

Romania holds a special place in Armenian history, being the first nation to welcome victims of the Armenian Genocide. The relationship between Armenians and Romania dates back to as early as 1000 AD, with Armenians settling in the country and contributing to its cultural and economic development.

Varoujan Voskanian’s “The Book of Whispers” stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of the Armenian people and the power of literature to transcend cultural boundaries. It also highlights Romania’s role as a haven for Armenians throughout history, showcasing the country’s longstanding tradition of hospitality and cultural integration.

For readers interested in exploring the rich tapestry of Armenian-Romanian relations and the historical context of “The Book of Whispers,” a wealth of information is available in historical records and scholarly works.

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