5 reasons why losing friends can be good, not bad

5 reasons why losing friends can be goodThere is such a thing in our life as losing friends. The reasons could be different: moving to other place, being busy and passionate about your job, and many-many other causes.

Losing friends can have either positive or negative impact on your life. You certainly can’t tell if it’s good or bad like differing the black from the white.

So here are five reasons that losing friends might be positive for you.

1. As an adult you become more selective with people you call friends. You’ll never know the person you called friend can be or become something completely different.

2. The so-called friends may stay, but your relations might change. They might stay, but maybe you won’t consider them as close as they have been a long time ago. He’ll be more like a person to talk to.

3. You may lose interest in them and find someone new and more interesting than the old friends. New communications can refresh your life style and interests.

4. As an adult you won’t have time. Maybe work on a new collage, move to new workplace or another country. Who knows, maybe the project you are working on will change your life forever.

5. Despising insincerity is another reason. Children may tolerate such behavior, but as an adult it may not be that easy. A friend is such a person that you absolutely trust. What would you think about your friend that lied to you? Besides, a lying friend could one day deceive you in such a way that will bring big problems.

We can’t say that losing friends is good nevertheless. But we can say that we have to prioritize things in our life. What is more important for you at the moment, a friend, or, for example, a job?

We just have to analyze what we are doing so we could make right choices. Your choice could bring unpleasant and undesired consequences, but maybe it will give you much more in the long-run.

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