Being jealous is not good for you

Being jealous is not good for youWe all sometimes feel jealous of people we meet in our lives. Be they friends or strangers. Jealous means I want something you have, but I don’t have it.

This feeling can lead to complications especially if it brings frustration and stress. At this point the person who experiences such feelings is the one to choose either let it go, or live with it.

“She has a cute face”, “he looks buff,” “I want to be like them or want to have someone who would buy me expensive gifts.” With such condition nice person can easily become rude and mean. It is important to not fall into a destructive desire and to accept that you can’t be like that or have everything the way you want.

Don’t forget what you have, because everything has its price. Maybe you don’t have a lot of money, but you maybe have such things, like good friends or loved on, but that rich person might never have or experience what you have felt.

Don’t try to be better that others you already are ahead if you realize that, none is similar and all of us has its own special traits. Trying to hurt someone in any way will hurt you, more because balance needs to be restored.

Everyone is unique in their own unique way, so don’t let someone’s advantages bother you and cheer up!

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