How to cope with anger

How to cope with angerIn the world where stress is in every corner it is important to control your negative emotions. And today we are going to talk about anger.

We know what anger is. It’s a nasty combination of frustration and annoyance, but what happens when the person loses control over it? With losing control, you let the anger control your actions which would lead to complications.

Greek philosopher Aristotle, who suggested a method called catharsis as a way of releasing psychological tension, and Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud were supporters of the idea that the person needs to get rid of stress and achieve emotional release.

Sigmund Freud insisted, that it is healthier to release tension than hold it all in. He assumed, that if a person doesn’t release his negative emotions, he would get neural and mental disorders finds.

About three decades ago scientists studied the method and didn’t find a real proof of its efficiency. A conclusion has been made, stating that committing violence or watching it being committed doesn’t help in releasing stress. Psychologist Harry Hankins claims, that releasing emotions can lead to even more aggravation. Just like trying to put out fire with gasoline, as he stated.

So what is the right method? There are some which can somewhat help the person with cooling down.

1.Loosen the force of your anger

Before blowing up like a balloon try to stop and relax. It’s better to not say the words that are swirling on your tongue. If the feeling of being taken over by emotions seems overwhelming and with little push you might lose composure just leave.

2.Learn how to relax.

  • Breathe deeply for some time. This is one of the best ways to calm down.
  • Continue to breathe and repeat to yourself something like “I am calm”.
  • Do something that helps you to cool down.
  • Do some exercise and eat healthy nutrition.
  1. Prepare for realistic expectations

It is important to remember that you can’t control the world around you and you would never be able to foresee the future, so not getting angry is completely impossible. We need to learn how to cope with such feelings. Changing your approach will be the right thing to do, even though it may be complicated.

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