Most common dreams and their meanings

Most common dreams and their meaningsA dream is an assembly of images, ideas, emotions and sensations. Dream usually occurs in our minds during certain stages of sleep. Although the purpose of dreaming is not fully understood, dreams have been a topic of scientific speculation as well as a subject of philosophical and religious interest throughout history. The scientific study of dreams is called oneirology.

Dreams can represent our current emotional state. Have you ever wondered what your dream really meant? You could have noticed that your dreams have some kind of repeating pattern. Researchers, actually, have found out than majority of us have similar-themed dreams. So here are some of them:

1. Being Late – This suggests that the person experiencing such dreams senses that he is losing an opportunity to have some sort of fulfillment in your life. It may occur if you are generally afraid of being late. This way your brain is playing a cruel joke by teaching you the consequences of being late.

2. Falling or Sinking – Most of us probably have seen this kind of dreams. It represents insecurity or lack of support in dreamer’s life when one is overwhelmed and readiness to give up.

3. Being Naked – These dreams mean that you feel exposed, awkward, vulnerable or fear that you revealed too much about yourself.

4. Missing Teeth or Bad Teeth – The most disturbing one in the list is in which you open your mouth and discover an extremely decayed teeth or even no teeth at all. What does this mean? In general, it means that we are afraid of being found unattractive. Otherwise it may signify fear of embarrassment or loss of power in real life.

5. Being Chased – A truly horrifying experience is being chased in dreams, be it by a monster or a person. This dream means that someone or something is making you feel threatened. To determine the root of the threat you need to ask yourself who or what makes you feel threatened, and who or what is represented by the “creature” or circumstances in your dreams.

6. Failing a Test – Being unable to find the room were some kind of a test will be or being unprepared to it usually manifests itself in individuals who have been out of school for long time. In this scenario the person feels being tested in some way, but feels that he is unprepared for it.

7. Lost or Trapped – The most often scenarios in such dreams are being trapped, being lost in a building, in a maze, in a forest or in same kind of structures. Anyway, the dream represents being trapped emotionally in real life which interferes your choice-making.

8. Car Troubles – Most of the time such dreams we are in or close to a car which is out of the control. This dream may imply that you are feeling powerless over something in your life or you are heading for some kind of a “crash”.

9. Broken Devices – Majority of these dreams involves your cellphone losing connection, unable to call anybody or dialing the wrong number. In nightmares you may even dial a number of a psychopath killer. This may signal about you losing touch with reality, or that a part of your body or mind is not functioning as it should be.

10. Flying- Let’s finish this topic with something happy, shall we? The dreams where you are able to fly suggest that you have broken out from circumstances that have been weighing you down in real life after making a hard, weighty decision, or maybe you have gone through making extremely responsible decisions. In this case just praise the feeling of accomplishment.

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