People who are impudent

People who are impudentEveryone has met or will meet insolent people in their life. It is a very distasteful phenomenon indeed. An impudent person is sure of his rightness even if his position is completely wrong and even if you are able to prove his mistakenness. Such an individual is extremely confident about his inerrancy and will heatedly claim that it is him who is actually correct.

That self-righteousness can originate from variety of things. It can come from impunity, inferiority complex, a need to feel oneself significant, feeling of inviolability of a person. Such a character is often confident that no one will ever dare to doubt his rightness and severe resistance may take him by surprise. If his affirmation meets a wall of reasonable arguments, he might even retreat.

If that happens, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you managed to overpower his confidence. He might start to search for new ways to reestablish his posture. It is possible that he may plan to lure you in such a conflict you won’t be able to orientate in, which will aid him to eventually bring his plan of revenge to life.

On the contrary, there are such cases in which you cannot even affect person’s overconfidence whatsoever. He may even aggressively oppose you, he may yell or even raise his hand on you.
There can be many ways to deal with such people. Some people are not that stubborn. Some people will gently insist on their ideas.

Some people are simply better not to be debated with. The best way to resolve such a problem is just to avoid clashes with such people. If you try to argue you will most likely just waste your energy pointlessly. But if a quarrel is inevitable, there is just no certain way to remain unscathed. Maybe the individual you are disputing with will compromise or will try spar with you. You can’t know what will happen.

You need to ask yourself a question: is it actually so crucial for you to try to convince a concrete person in your rightness? Do you really need him or her to agree with you? Will it bring benefits to you or will it just exhaust you purposelessly? Answering this question may make things more clear for you.
The only thing that can truly assist you in that task is to be familiar with people.

Meeting people, communicating with them will help you to differentiate types of individuals. If you are skillful, a talk to specific person may reveal what personality type he belongs to and you will know what to do if things go wrong. You will be able to adapt quickly and take proper actions. You just need to be alert and analyze everything occurring to you. And your experience is the principal key for that.

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