Regretful decisions

Regretful decisions Every day in our life we make hundreds of decisions. We rely on experience, knowledge, listen to advices of other people, or maybe our intuition determines our actions.

Some decisions can bring happiness, ease, a great accomplishment. Sometimes a decision may seem appropriate at first, but then it falls hard on us, crushing everything we cherish.

After all, that wrong made decision, as it turned out in the end, years later starts to bring overwhelming sense of guilt, resentment, anger at yourself, relatives, friends, colleagues.

Of course, we won’t stop convincing ourselves that it was needed and there was no other way. But because of that we will sink only deeper and its sediment will poison the rest of our lives.

Maybe you are wondering what does this topic mean by “regrettable decisions”. It is possible you are too young and haven’t made such decisions in your life. Perhaps you have been very lucky or wise and could predict outcomes of your decisions. But there are lots amongst us that have made wrong decision or, on the contrary, haven’t made the necessary decisions when needed.

The reasons and consequences could be diverse, like:

  • Regretting that you didn’t aspire towards knowledge of something big.
  • Regretting that you didn’t fight your fears and let them consume you
  • Regretting that you weren’t the best and carrying friend, always forgetting or ignoring those close to you.
  • Regretting that you were too touchy, vindictive, angry and suspicious.
  • Regretting that you quarreled to much with your family, that you never manage to say to them how much you love them.
  • Forgetting about your childhood dreams, for not developing your talents.
  • Underestimating yourself and doubting your every action.

We could extend this list infinitely. It doesn’t matter how much we try, there is no way we can avoid making mistakes. Making errors is the most important and the least pleasant part of human experience. They are the main things for us to make conclusions on. Making mistakes and realizing them pushes us to correct what has gone wrong.

In conclusion, it is hugely unlikely that the people who are successful have become such at once. They have made mistakes as well, but the fact that they haven’t given up is their main distinction from others who have failed. So the best thing we can do is to accept our mistakes and to understand, why they happened. So stay strong folks!

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