Seven rules of psychology

Seven rules of psychology1. The rule of mirrors – People around me are my mirrors. They reflect my own personality, characteristics which often are not perceived by me. For example, if someone is rude to me, then that’s what I want, I am letting that to happen. If someone deceives me again and again, it means that I probably excessively trust anyone.

2. The rule of choice – I realize that everything happening in my life is the result of my own choices. If today I am dealing with a boring person, does that mean I have the same boring and nerdy personality? If I go deep into his problems, it means that I probably like it. It means I like to analyze their problems. So, I can complain to no one. There is a reason for everything that happens to me. We are the authors and creators of our own destiny.

3. The rule of errors – I agree with the assumption that I could be wrong, and my opinion or my actions should not always be considered correct by other people. I need to know that the real world is not just black and white, but that there are different shades. I am not ideal, I am an ordinary person and I have a right to make mistakes. The main thing is to be able to recognize and analyze them.

4. The rule of correspondence – I have exactly that and just enough of that, this is what I deserve, no more, no less. If I can’t love a person to the fullest, it is ridiculous to demand the same from that person, and so all my claims about demanding would be meaningless. And yet, if I decide to change, everything around me will change as well.

5. The rule of dependencies – No one owes me, but I can selflessly help anyone I can and I will be happy with that. To be a good person I need to become strong. To become stronger, I need to believe in myself, to believe that I can do it. But there are times when you have to say “no”.

6. The rule of presence – I live here and now. There is no past, because with every passing second the present begins. There is no future, it just has not started yet. The attachment to past brings depression and worrying about future only brings anxiety. By living in the present we become real, and that brings harmony to our lives.

7. The rule of the optimism – While we criticize life, it passes by. We ignore little bright things thing it gives us, but, instead, we concentrate on dark ones, be they big or small. My fitness is a sunny summer, a meadow and a river. As long as I move, I live. When I am watching TV, lying on the couch, or getting in touch with my friends on the internet, I am not in the same place I would have been in if lived my life actively, I am in a different world.

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