A Colombian Artist Filled with Love to Armenia – Natalia Lambrada Zapata

A Colombian Artist Filled with Love to ArmeniaNatalia Lambrada Zapata is a young Colombian artist whose works are entirely devoted to Armenia, its history, culture, and, of course, its people.

The paintings of this young and talented woman had already been widely featured across the online space. They also became acknowledged by the Armenian public. As Natalia admits, even though she isn’t Armenian, her heart belongs to Armenia and its people.

“My acquaintance with Armenia occurred at the age of 7 when I saw the Armenian flag in a book. It attracted my attention so much that I decided to learn as much as possible about that country,” said Natalia in one of her interviews.

The artist doesn’t hesitate to admit that she knows more about Armenia than about her own country, Colombia. Her works are filled with the Armenian character: she depicts Armenian attractions, country’s nature, architectural monuments, and people in traditional Armenian clothing. The portraits of renowned Armenians such as Komitas, Hovhannes Tumanyan, Avetik Isahakian, Monte Melkonian, and many others have a special place in Natalia’s portfolio.

“The Armenian Genocide occupies a special place in my life,” says Natalia.

Having a command of three foreign languages, Natalia now studies Armenian. “The Armenian language is very difficult. Though learning it is challenging, I do not give up. Many of my Armenian friends help me with that very much.” In spite of the large distance between her and Armenia, Natalia has many friends in the small country. In 2015, their numbers increased sharply.

“Armenia is a unique country, and those living there make it such. Armenians have a unique, colorful, and very kind spirit,” remarks Natalia. She also wrote a number of poems about Armenians.

In the near future, Natalia plans to visit Armenia. Moreover, she is assured that she will be someday able to move to the country of her dreams for permanent residence. As for now, Natalia is going to visit Artsakh and also hold exhibitions of her works in Yerevan, Gyumri, and Vanadzor.

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