A Wish Across Time: Akop Shahamiryan and the Fulfillment of an Ancestral Dream for Armenian Independence

Born in 1774, Akop Shahamiryan was the father of an extraordinary patriot, Shamir Shahamiryan. His tombstone, located in the city of Malacca, Malaysia, bears an evocative inscription: “I greet you, reader of the letter on my tomb, share with me news about the freedom of the nation to which I aspire…”

In a poignant moment of historical justice, Akop Shahamiryan finally received his long-awaited news in 1991, when Armenia regained its independence. According to historian Nada Wright, an Armenian clergyman who came to visit Shahamiryan’s grave conveyed the uplifting news to him.

This captivating tale not only shines a light on the yearning for freedom and national identity that transcended borders and generations but also adds a deeply emotional layer to our understanding of the Armenian diaspora’s connection to their homeland. Even in death, Akop Shahamiryan’s wish for Armenian freedom remained, and it was ultimately fulfilled, capturing the resilience and indomitable spirit of the Armenian people.

As we reflect on this powerful story, we are reminded that the bonds of heritage and the aspiration for freedom are forces that time and distance cannot diminish. The inscription on Shahamiryan’s tombstone and the news of Armenia’s regained independence form a full circle, linking the past and the present in a touching display of national unity and the realization of a dream long held but never forgotten.

Vigen Avetisyan

Image Source: Gevork Nazaryan

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