An Armenian Painting In The Woodrow Wilson Reception Hall

Washington houses the Woodrow Wilson House museum. It is now the home for the furniture and personal items of the 28th US President. Museum visitors are met by intelligent and well-educated guides. A tour here provides one with an opportunity to immerse oneself in history and get acquainted with interesting artifacts of the past.

One of these artifacts is the painting “L’Esperance” by American artist of Armenian descent Hovsep Pushman which is hanging in the reception room of Woodrow Wilson.

Symbolizing hope for the future, this painting was presented to President Wilson by the Armenian delegation on November 27, 1917, as a token of gratitude and appreciation for the efforts made by the President to assist Armenia, which inspired hope in the hearts of Armenian women during the Armenian Genocide.

Khachatur Mirzoyan, Antitopor-info

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