Andrey Nuykin – “My Pain is Karabakh”

Andrey Nuykin - “My Pain is Karabakh”The book “My Pain – Karabakh” by Andrey Nuikin describes how a group of Moscow writers, driven by notions of justice and duty, arrived in Stepanakert in February 1991 and witnessed the offensive actions of the troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of USSR.

Along with the people of Karabakh, the writers were humiliated and bullied by the bandits right after landing in Karabakh.

Outraged by what they had experienced, seen, and heard, and after barely returning to Moscow, these writers (G. Nuykina, T. Gaidar, V. Oskotsky, Y. Chernichenko, and A. Nuykin) created the Committee of the Russian intelligentsia “Karabakh“.

In 1991, Nuykin was accused of “inciting ethnic hatred.” He was a fierce opponent of the Soviet empire. In the years of perestroika, he was a member of the Russian State Duma of the first convocation of the party “The Choice of Russia”. Nuykin sharply criticized the Communist Party as well.

Such Russians are friends of Armenia. It is a pity that their negligible number and their voices are not seen and heard by the masses, unlike the propagandists who are heard the most.

Rest in peace Andrey Aleksandrovich Nuykin.

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