Ankara Supports ISIS Thugs – Book on the Genocide Published in Italy

Ankara Supports ISIS ThugsTurkey repeats their century-old acts with incredible simplicity. Ankara in front of everyone supports ISIS goons. This is stated in the annotations to the book “100 Years of Silence. Exceptional Stories of the Last Eyewitnesses” which was published in the famous Italian publishing house “Feltrinelli.”

The annotations to the book read:

“One hundred years later, the last survivors of this tragedy speak about this genocide from Yerevan, which Turkey still refuses to recognize. In addition to these exceptional and unique testimonies, the book draws parallels with the events in the Middle East where the government of Ankara still carries out a policy of cruelty and funds such movements as ISIS.

The killings of the past are repeated with incredible simplicity. The leadership of the Turkish state in front of everyone finances and supports thugs, including those who kill Armenians in Aleppo and other areas of Syria.

This is a book that must be read in order not to forget, and, first of all, not to repeat the same mistakes.”

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