Armenia in the Illustrations of Travelers Joseph Pitton de Tournefort and Johann Baptist Homann

Armenia in the Illustrations of Travelers Joseph Pitton de TournefortThe book “Relation d’un voyage du Levant” (“A voyage into the Levant”) by Joseph Pitton de Tournefort (1656 – 1708) features a number of interesting images depicting Armenian cities and its people in the Ottoman, Persian, and Russian Empires.


Illustration of Etchmiadzin (city of three churches) and Mount Ararat.
Illustration of Trebizond (now known as Trabzon).
Illustration of Sinop.
Illustration of Erzurum.
Illustration of Kars.
Illustration of the fortress of Hasankale from the route to Kars.
Illustration of View of Hasankale fortress from the route to Erzurum
Armenian priests.
Armenian priests.
Armenian deacon and subdeacon.

Illustrations of Armenian-populated cities by Johann Baptist Homann (1663 – 1724)

Tiflis (modern Tbilisi)

Illustrations by PeopleOfAr

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