Armenian Heritage in Iran

Armenian Heritage in Iran

In the museums of Tehran, Isfahan, and Tabriz, more than 3 thousand ancient parchment manuscripts in the Armenian language are stored. Thanks to the efforts of the Iranian government, 3 Armenian architectural monuments in Iran were inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. These were the St. Thaddeus and St. Stepanos monasteries, as well as the Chapel of Dzordzor.

The Armenian quarter of New Julfa (Nor Jugha) in Isfahan with thousands of buildings is also among the “architectural objects of national importance.” In all the largest cities of Iran, there are large-scale museums of Armenian culture with colossal collections of exhibits.

It should be noted that the lavash bread that was a few years ago included in the UNESCO World Heritage List is called “Armenian bread” in Iran.

Bas-relief of Persepolis, it depicts Armenian tributaries

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