Armenian History in Italian Art

Armenian History in Italian Art Italian literature has an interesting book named “Armenian history”.

Unfortunately, featuring the whole book on the website is virtually impossible.

However, we can show you a number of interesting illustrations depicting various events of Armenian history.

Mesrop Mashtots creates the sacred Armenian alphabet, Francesco Mayotto (1750 – 1805).
Armenian princess Tigranuhi before her wedding, Giuliano Zasso (1833 – 1889).
The dream of Zaak (possibly a variant of Sahak), Giuliano Zasso (1833 – 1889).
Simon, St. Thaddeus, Sanddukht, and other Christians imprisoned by Sanatruk, Fusaro (19th century).
King of Kings Tigran II the Great with four vassal kings, Fusso (19th century).
The legendary patriarch Hayk striking Bel with an arrow, Giuliano Zasso (1833 – 1889).

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