Armenians Did Not Allow to Rob and Maim Ossetians in the Early 1990s

Armenians Did Not Allow to Rob and Maim Ossetians“… However, despite complete obedience to the Georgian leadership, since April 1991, massive persecution of the Ossetian population began in the Trialetia. Armed guards and police invaded villages and forced the local population to leave their homes. All this was accompanied by murder and robbery.

At the same time, at the beginning of March, Georgian security forces blocked the Gudzhavarsk gorge of the Borjomi region. They presented an ultimatum to the Ossetian population of the gorge’s 9 villages that if they did not leave the area within 24 hours, the Georgian army would deal with them by force.

It is known that in a day, the 9 Ossetian villages were completely de-ethnized, and the frightened population through mountain passes attempted to move to Armenia.

Thousands of refugees from the Borjomi region were assisted and protected by the Armenians of Samtskhe-Javakhk who accompanied the exhausted and frightened Ossetian population to the Armenian-Georgian border, not allowing marauders to rob and maim them. In the early 90s. more than 3 thousand Ossetians migrated to Vladikavkaz via Yerevan.”

Excerpt from the article: “The Ossetians of Georgia: Myths and Reality“, – Eduard Abrahamyan

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