Atlas Obscura About The Armenian Presence In Jerusalem

The Atlas Obscura American online magazine has a piece dedicated to the Armenian Quarter in the Old City in Jerusalem, as well as the contribution of Armenians to various spheres of life of the capital of the three religions. The Armenian presence in Jerusalem has been very strong in Jerusalem since at least the 4th century when Armenia adopted Christianity.

“Their quarter is said to be the oldest living Armenia diaspora community. Thousands of displaced survivors of the Armenian Genocide relocated to this part of Jerusalem in the 20th century,” writes Atlas Obscura.

Atlas Obscura notes that the Armenians who had moved to Jerusalem from the former Ottoman Empire brought with them a special type of ceramic art that is now firmly associated with Jerusalem and the Armenians. This pottery can be seen everywhere in the old city, as well as in many shops.

As the publication emphasizes, over the decades, representatives of the Armenian people have made a great contribution to various spheres of urban life in Jerusalem.

“They established its first printing press in 1833, the first photographic workshop in 1855, and their Holy Translators’ School was the first coeducational school in Jerusalem,” writes Atlas Obscura.

The online magazine also notes that Jerusalem today is the seat of the Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem. Besides, the city is home to an Armenian museum, library, and the beautiful St. James Cathedral. It was in this cathedral that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West baptized their daughter on their way to Armenia.

Atlas Obscura concludes by mentioning that the Cathedral of St. James is said to have the relics of St. James himself.

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