Business Insider On the Secret of the Armenian Christmas Table

Business Insider On the Secret of the ArmenianThe American news website “Business Insider” recently wrote about the Christmas traditions of different nations.

Dozens of families from around the world were interviewed by the Balsam Hill online Christmas tree retailer about what dishes they served to their Christmas tables. According to “Business Insider”, in Armenia, pumpkins occupy a special place among Christmas dishes.

“We have eaten pumpkin, called ‘ghapama’, at Christmas for centuries. Christmas is special because it is the only time we eat pumpkin. We stuff it with plav, a mixture of rice and raisins, and honey. This is then served with turkey,” said Narek from Armenia.

“Business Insider” also presented a Christmas meal from Russia with its traditional Olivier salad and dressed herring. In Ukraine, dumplings are the centerpiece of a Christmas table along with a mushroom soup, a compote, and a wheat dish named “kutia.”

Lastly, the Serbs decorate their Christmas tables with fish, baked beans, as well as onion potato salads.

Sofi Mkheyan – Ghapama [ Yerg Yergoc ]

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