China Will Not Forget the Contribution of Armenia to the Victory Over the Kwantung Army

China Will Not Forget the Contribution of Armenia“China will not forget the contribution of the Armenian soldiers to the victory over the Kwantung Army”, said the representative of the Chinese company “Global Group International Holdings Limited of Suite” Zheng Yonsen at the opening of a new center of sinology (Chinese studies) at the Bryusov Yerevan State Linguistic University in July 2016.

“The Chinese and Armenian peoples are like the brothers of centuries. Over the past millennia, our two countries have had peaceful, friendly relations,” noted the representative.

According to Yonsen, in the summer of 1945, the Soviet Red Army brought liberation to the Chinese people from the Japanese forces. The Soviet troops included over 6 thousand Armenian soldiers. Young warriors gave their lives for the liberation of China.

“The people of China will never forget this and will always express a deep gratitude. History is remembered today, and the future needs to be built together. Armenia and China should go hand in hand, and the center of sinology is another step along the way,” concluded Zheng Yonsen.

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