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Cultural Genocide of Armenian Monuments

In February, the New York online magazine Hyperallergic published a report prepared by researchers Simon Maghakyan and Sarah Pickman on the complete disappearance of Armenian monuments and cultural values in Nakhichevan.

The authoritative British newspaper Guardian also referred to this report, calling the situation in Nakhichevan a cultural Genocide.

“According to the report posted in the February issue of Hyperallergic, the Azerbaijani government has been periodically erasing the Armenian historical heritage from the face of the earth over the past 30 years,” writes the Guardian.

In the photos of Argam Ayvazyan attached to the report of Simon Maghakyan and Sarah Pickman are depicted the famous architectural gems from the 13th-14th centuries, the images of which were taken before 1988. Today, no single trace is left of them. The same goes for thousands of other Armenian monuments which have been completely destroyed by the Azerbaijanis.

Armenian-European Cultural Center

St. Karapet Church in Aprakunis (Ապրակունիսի Սուրբ Կարապետ եկեղեցի)
Church of St. Hakob in Shorot (Շոոթի Սուրբ Հակոբ եկեղեցի)
Monastery of St. Apostle Tovmas (Ագուլիսի Սուրբ Թովմա Առաքյալի վանք)

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