ECRI on the Deliberate Formation of a Negative Image of Armenians in Azerbaijan

ECRI on the Deliberate Formation

The report of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) on Azerbaijan was published back in 2007. The report noted that a negative image of Armenians was being consistently formed in the country. It should be noted that to date, nothing has changed in this policy.

“Constant negative references to the Republic of Armenia lead to the formation of negative perceptions regarding people of Armenian nationality. We urge the Azerbaijani authorities to actively work to change the situation with regard to Armenians under the jurisdiction of Azerbaijan.

All political parties in Azerbaijan should take a clear stand against all forms of racism, discrimination, and xenophobia and send a clear political signal in favor of diversity and pluralism. They should also avoid negative connotations when discussing issues related to Armenians,” the ECRI report says.

The report also mentions people of Armenian ethnicity who did not apply for an Azerbaijani passport when replacing Soviet-style passports. Today, they are actually stateless people.

“Armenians face the daily risk of discrimination. Some who were born into mixed Armenian-Azerbaijani marriages were forced to take the surname of their Azerbaijani parents in order to avoid problems,” the report emphasizes.

The report also notes that there are still problems in Azerbaijan in some areas, such as the situation of unregistered religious groups and people seeking international protection.

“The State Migration Service has taken a number of measures to simplify administrative procedures for migrant workers and to consolidate legislation in the field of migration.

Azerbaijani authorities are also working on the preparation of the Migration Code; measures were taken to improve refugees’ access to social rights, and authorities began to work towards resolving the problems faced by stateless persons.”

At the same time, it is noted that some restrictive provisions regarding religious communities have been tightened, and a number of cases have been recorded when applications for re-registration were delayed.

P.S It should be noted that today the situation in the formation of a negative Image of Armenians in Azerbaijan has not changed.

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