Five Monuments To Armenian Saints, Commanders, And Composers Around The World

Monument to Komitas in Paris, France. The opening of this monument took place on April 24, 2003. The author of the sculpture was famous architect and artist David Yerevantsi, now living in Paris. The monument to Komitas is located near the Élysée Palace. In 2009, the square adjacent to the Komitas monument was renamed the Yerevan Garden.

Monument to St. Gregory the Illuminator in the Vatican. The opening of this 5,7-meter marble sculpture weighing more than 26 tons was dedicated to the 1700th anniversary of the adoption of Christianity in Armenia. On January 19, 2005, the Pope consecrated and unveiled the monument located in one of the external niches of St. Peter’s Basilica.

Monument to Andranik Ozanyan in Varna, Bulgaria. The monument to general, commander, and national hero of Armenia and Bulgaria Andranik Ozanyan (Zoravar Andranik) was founded in the Bulgarian city of Varna in 2011 at the request of the mayor of the city. The monument is 6 meters tall. On the day of the opening of the sculpture, July 8, the central square of the Galata district was renamed Andranik Square.

Monument to St. Barsegh in Sankt Blasien, Germany. The monument to outstanding doctor and philosopher St. Barsegh is standing in the German town of St. Blasien. Catholics consider Barsegh the patron saint of doctors and veterinarians.

The monument to St. Barsegh was erected in 1714. It is revered by the Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox Churches, the Armenian Apostolic Church, and the Eastern Catholic Churches.

Monument to Aram Khachaturian in Moscow, Russia. The monument to great composer and conductor Aram Khachaturian whose works brought up more than one generation was unveiled in 2006. The monument depicts the great composer surrounded by musical instruments.

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1 thought on “Five Monuments To Armenian Saints, Commanders, And Composers Around The World”

  1. There are many more statues of Gomidas’s …
    In Detroit, USA: By famous Arto Tchakmakchian in my book p.154-55
    In Canada: Quebec City…By Samuel Ghazarian in my book p.156
    In France: Chaville city…By Arshavit Yeghyazarian, in my book p.157
    Canada, Montreal: By Dr. Megerditch Tarakdjian…in my book p.165-67
    with a beautiful poem from me
    I have written about sculptures each one a poem
    in my Historical Poetry Book: “Gomias~Komitas, My Musical Saint”

    Also the statue of Yousif Karsh the famous photographer.
    Recently inaugurated in Canada …

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