Free Bread from Shavershian – “They Think That Putin is Giving Them Bread”

Free Bread from Shavershian

About a month ago, Mamud Shavershian died, the man who at his own expense has distributed free bread in the Russian city of Strunino, and instead of gratitude, he has received only complaints. Believe me, nowhere else in the world is there such a peculiar expression of “gratitude” or rather ingratitude. Nowhere in the world! It is interesting what those who have received free bread from Mamud are saying now.

It was not too long ago when entrepreneur Mamud Shavershian who owned the “Eric” store in the city of Strunino in the Vladimir Region distributed bread to the poor, large families, and pensioners. For more than eight years.

Buyers repeatedly complained about him to the prosecutor’s office and the presidential administration because, in their opinion, he didn’t meet bread standards.

In a shop located in a residential area, needy customers came with special coupons. The owner distributed ten coupons for each monthly and gave them one long loaf and half of a black loaf. Thus, Shavershian gave out about two thousand long loaves and a thousand black loaves every month.

However, according to store manager Anush Guzalyan, many customers regularly expressed dissatisfaction because they were sure that it was Putin, the mayor, or the governor who was allocating bread to them. In their opinion, the owner received bread from the state and gave them only a part.

The owner of “Eric” noted that the city authorities had never tried to contact or thank him. He didn’t need this.

In addition, he also supported with bread the school where he had studied, and also a kindergarten and church with which he also shared bagels, gingerbread cookies, and other sweets.

And Shavershian was calm about the customers’ negative attitude and believed that “no one had ever helped these people, so they do not believe in goodness and are angry.”

Dmitry POTAPENKO – Free bread in exchange for anger

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